There's a ton of acronyms, abbreviations and jargon floating around the ad industry. Some obvious, other will have you scratching your head. Her then Here's some of the most common you'll most likely come across. (Updated as I discover new ones. We're learning together.)

ACD: Formally known as an Associate Creative Director, these creatives assist CDs by leading projects and managing teams.

AD: Art Director

Ad: Not to be confused with Art Directors, an ad is what you're aiming to make.

CCO: Chief Creative Officer

CD: Creative Director

CPG: Consumer Packaged Goods are everyday items that are frequently replaced by consumers. Think food, toiletries, and household products. 

Creative: The are many parts in developing an ad. The creative refers to the pieces developed by the creative team (also known as your blood, sweat and tears.)

CTA: "Buy Now", "Click Here", "See site for details". A call-to-action is a simple objective you want the consumer to complete.

CW: Copywriter

Deck: a really fancy PowerPoint.

Durable Goods: Products intended for long-term use.

ECD: Executive Creative Director

IR: Internal Review is where you'll review work before it goes to client. 

KPI: A Key Performance Indicator is a way to measure the success of a campaign. Some even use KPIs to gauge the growth of employees overtime. 

OOH: Out-of-Home

Pitch: The craziest time in agencies where compete for the same piece of business.

PTO: Paid Time Off--your most precious time.

ROI: Return on Investment 

RR: Revision Requests are changes wanted by the client or account. These are generally what you recieve in IRs. However, the actual template often go by a different name dependent on the agency.

Scope: The amount of work the client agreed to pay and the agency agreed to deliver. 

SOW: Scope of Work is the agreed deliverables, timelines and milestones agreed by the client and agency.