Creative Roll Call


Chances are if you’ve found this blog you’re interested in being a creative. Not being creative, but being “a creative”. Small change, BIG difference.

There's a few different creative roles that go into creating an ad. So just so we're on the same page,  if you’re a student, junior or in accounting who realized numbers aren’t your thing;  let’s get into the different creative roles in an agency.


Art Director

Art directors are responsible for thinking up and creating visual concepts for campaigns. Masters of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, art Directors take the reins on the look, layout and feel of an ad. One-half of a creative team, art directors usually work with a copywriter in concepting the big idea.



The other half of a creative duo, copywriters are responsible for creating ideas and writing any words used in ads. From tv scripts to funny lines on the back of Chipotle bags, copywriters use words to express the story of the campaign. No special programs needed here, just pen, paper and a good idea.


Designers, or graphic designer if you want to get technical, are responsible for creating layouts, logos and other design detail. The designer will often work with the art director to execute visual ideas and pull together the campaign.

Creative Director

The person in charge! A creative director supervises the art director and copywriter, making sure the work is strong and on target. The creative team can seek the CD for direction and get creative feedback. But don't think you can shoot from junior to CD, one usually has a long background in art or copy. Unless you’re a celebrity, then you maybe be able to skip  a couple of steps.

But until then, study up and work hard on your book!


What creative path are you taking?