Required Reading II: The Hero and the Outlaw


Okay guys, my main goal is to be as completely honest and transparent as possible. So I'm just going to be straight up—I did not enjoy the book I'm about to recommend to you. That doesn't mean you shouldn't totally read it, because it's spilling with info about the personality and stories of brands. And who knows, it just might be your favorite book. Concluding our conversation on brand voice, personality and archetypes;  the perfect pairing for our theme is The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes. While working on my first new business pitch as an intern, my CD recommended The Hero and The Outlaw  to ensure my partner and I understood how to reposition the brand without straying too far from the already established voice.  Because I was an intensely eager intern, I downloaded the book to my Kindle before we even finished our briefing.

It starts off strong giving  anecdotal, real-world examples taken from celebrity gossip and news to popular brands. Combing psychology and storytelling, it shows the varying roles each brand and personality takes on to captivate an audience. Further in the book, in a drowning amount of detail, it covers the twelve different archetypes. Did I mention this book is detailed?

Though I never read this book cover to cover (or finished it for that matter),  I use it as reference. It isn't a book you can finish on a lazy weekend. Or a week. It's a lot to get through, but it is full of awesome insights on how brands can connect with their audience.

Overall it's a decent book to have in your collection. Even if you don't read it straight through, you'll still learn plenty on how brands fit into different archetypes.

3 out of 5 mugs. Would read someday again.mugscale3_5

Check it out and let me know what you think.