No more caffeine withdrawals

Happy Monday! (And happy belated Fourth of July, Halloween, Veteran’s Day and National Pizza Day.) I took a break. A summer and a fall break. After moving from gig to gig, and a little work slump, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to offer advice, and honestly felt a bit uninspired. But with the current political climate, I couldn't sit idly by anymore. I had to do something to show that people of color voices matter. Our images matter. Our art matters. Our creative matters.

We matter.

So let’s close out 2016 with a bang.

There’ll be lots of new posts covering pre-agency woes, office politics and many more book reviews—lots of reading has been done in my absence.

There’ll be some surprises and changes along the way, but all with the goal of giving you, my dear readers, the tools you need to start and maintain a kick-ass creative career.

Let’s do this.

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