You Get What You Don't Ask For

I know that's not how the saying goes, but I find it truer. It's when we fail to speak up, that we're inundated with all the everything unimaginable:

  • A desk full of boring projects.
  • Passed over for new opportunities.
  • The box of pens that always run out of ink during meetings.
  • Seated next to the ~eccentric~ art director who clips his toenails at his desk.

Many of us are afraid to ask for things. Even as the "Entitled Millennial Generation" (major eye-roll) there's a fear of rejection, especially from those we respect or admire, that hinders us from asking for what we really want and accepting what's simply given to us.

At some point you've experienced a form of rejection – maybe you were turned down for a job/internship, weren't put on the project you wanted, or your crush broke your heart. While those experiences don't feel good, you're still out here making moves and thriving.

Part of taking control of your career is communicating the different ways you work and learn to your team and superiors. Not doing so takes you out of the driver seat of your career and gives the wheel to everyone else. You may work better with a regular meeting about your performance or want more training in your field or something as simple as a new computer mouse. If no one knows what you need to grow, you'll get everything except what you really want.


Now, you won't always get what you ask for, but what you want and need to help you grow in your career will be out in the ad-universe. You'll still hear no and if you're anything like me you'll hear it often, but I take comfort in knowing that if I don't get exactly what I asked for, I'll usually get something comparable that enables me to work and learn the way I need. Remember, your team and superiors want to help you succeed; because when you do, the agency succeeds.