Don't Get Attached

Today I have a client presentation where I have to put three of my precious babies on the chopping block. That’s a week and a half worth of sleepless nights sitting in a deck knowing only one idea will see the light of day. Only to do rinse, wash, repeat next week.

Spec work or client work. it’s important not to get attached to your ideas. You always want to put your best work forward. But at the end of the day, we make ads. Not art.

Can an ad be beautiful? Yes. Can you fill it with eloquent prose that shakes someone to their soul? Absolutely. Can it start a movement and shift culture? It has time and time again. However, every piece we create, unfortunately, isn't going to be that piece that snags a Cannes, inspires a movement or even become a culture shifting meme. But every piece that we produce at its core, has to sell a product.

Fly kicks, hemorrhoid cream, insurance, or fizzy drinks in a can--we’re all tasked to sell something. If we don’t hit that goal, then we have truly failed our mission and won't ever have the opportunity to make the work we're truly passionate about.