Why I Chose to Advocate Through Advertising

What did you eat for breakfast? What brand of shoes are you wearing? Are you reading this on an Apple product or an Android? Will you get home in a Lyft or an Uber?

Many of the decisions we make day-to-day have been influenced by advertising. We're consuming and exposed to so much advertising, we're being influenced beyond just what we put in our carts. Of course, as creatives, we're tasked to sell something, but by making an emotional connection to a consumer we can make a greater impact than just getting product in a basket.

We can choose to portray underrepresented groups in an authentic way that acknowledges nuances in their culture. We can partner with non-profit organizations and create a message that helps better the world. Ads have simply reflected the diverse stories of people and show that their experiences are important and valid. Ads have inspired, informed and entertained. 

I sincerely believe ads have power, if they didn't companies would not spend billions of dollars on them year after year. Sure, we could just sell things. Or we could take advantage of capturing the attention of millions of people and shake things the f*ck up.

The power of ads can be quickly summed up with this quote from famed adman George Lois, whose rise to fame was during major cultural and political changes during the '60s:


"Advertising is poison gas. It should bring tears to your eyes...

....unhinge your nervous system...

and knock you out."