Starving Creatives: Help I'm Broke!


I want to take the time to talk about money. My favorite topic (behind Beyoncé, of course.)

Whether or not you like talking about it, we all need it and could use more of it. But unless you're an ad-savant, you’re going to be a bit broke-ish for your first year...or two. Or three.

Now the topic of money may seem a little off for Black Coffee Creatives, but being a starving (corporate) artist ain’t cute. So for your first year...or two (or three) here are a few tips on how to be broke, but live abundantly.


We're in a position where we have transferable skills that we know how to market because we're in the business of selling ideas. We know (or at least should) how to brand ourselves, our products, and our services. Making sure you're not infringing on any non-compete clauses in your contract, you could pick up some freelance work, create your own art, consult for small business, or even start your own. Creating work outside of your day-to-day will give you more experience and help build your personal brand, all while earning some extra dough. 


I've mentioned how I'd been laid off before, and thank goodness I had a little saved up to help ease the transition of being jobless. Open a savings account with a high-interest rate, and if you can afford to do so save a little bit each check. This affords you to have a bit more freedom in the future (my old CD calls this a F*&! It Fund) and can make emergencies feel more like inconveniences. 


This quote expressed by Black mothers everywhere was cautionary advice for adulthood. I'm an impulse shopper, and I had to have a very stern talk with myself that I was, in fact, NOT a baller, shot caller. Now I try to stick to my budget and live within my means. That includes checking myself: Do you have new shoe money? Do you have treat yo' self Tuesday money?  Do you have margaritas money?


Much like college, there is free stuff abound. Office snacks, meeting leftovers, industry events with free food and booze (bonus if you get some networking in), and my personal favorite: vendors. Vendors usually come with free swag and food. Win!

And that's all folks. Be great and the money will come. In the meantime, save ya coins.

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